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Poker and scotch on the rocks. Below are my reflections on life and poker. My journey from $4-8 as a past time to $30-60 for serious money and my life experiences in between.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

A link to a nice guy's page

A nice guy setup a link to a few of my site so here's one in return. If you're interested in his site here is the location:

Online poker rules

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For the love of the game

Everyday I sit in 4 to 6 games of the Party $30/60 limit variety and occassionally make my jump into $50/100. I grind out a decent living and aspire of course to continue to progress up the "limit ladder" so that eventually I'll be playing even higher and making more money.

I won't deny that if you were to sit here and watch me play you'd still see a glimmer in my eye when I get a good player out of a few extra bets that I would've avoided losing in his situation. However for the most part poker has lost much of it's original luster and is now more of a complex analytical job.

Fortunately there are still times when my love of the game still comes back into play. One of my favorite things to do is play $1/2 mixed game with my college buddies from the fraternity. Last Saturday was one of those days. It's funny that if I were to lose $80 in that game the feeling is close to as devastating as if I go off for $4k in the $30/60.

I've played 65k hands in 2006 but the 2 most memorable hands this year have got to be the consecutive hands that I took this young kid off in the home game. I'll spare you the details but I bluff checkraised the river and got him to fold then showed him to a round of applause and laughs from the crew. The very next hand I rivered a straight on a board on a flop that was 3 spades. I checkraised the river and when everybody started laughing he decided to 3 bet and I of course automatically capped and my hand was of couse good.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

new forum hand posts

A couple new hands are up on the forum. Would love to know comments.

partypoker updates

Well I'm not really happy with the Party Poker updates. Here's a list of why I'm not happy

1. Pokerace HUD works slow now. Why do my stats keep on disappearing? is party in the magic business now? "And boom your stats disappear before your eyes.

2. The fucking buttons dont' work. Perhaps party is in business with doctors who will make tons of money off my newly developing carpo tunnel syndrome. What do they think I'm working at Microsoft still?

3. The sidebet buttons are back up. I'm sure i'll find out how to delete these again but come on. Party makes like $70k a yr off my rake already do they really need to induce me to gamble on something so dumb as if the card will be red or black? Do they really want the fish to go broke so I can find another game?

Anyhow there is one positive development from party. They're going to allow us to use our partypoints to buy cool things. I wouldn't mind an ipod or TV instead of a stupid partypoker hat.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The comeback

At the end of November I was on a roll. I had made tons of money in the party $30 and $50 games and had decised to focus entirely on the $50/100 game.

Then it happened. I ran bad. I went on a $23.4k downswing in the $50/100 game and my bankroll was beginning to hit dangerous levels for that limit. I had still the game beat for a ton but could no longer afford to play at that level.

So I swallowed my ego (which is huge BTW) and stepped back into the party $30/60 games. Then it happened again. I ran bad or on tilt. In retrospect it was probably a combination of both. Irregardless of the reasons I lost another $12.4k which really isn't the worst slide I've had but was at the absolute worst time.

I was a wreck. I had emotional breakdowns and serious doubts about my career and game. I spent a day drinking with my friends and contemplated a serious decision. I could cash everything out and go get a job. I had still made more money than my old Microsoft job and I did have a nice little run.

Or I could man the fuck up and start all over. My girlfriend was/is very supportive and totally had me feeling that I could comeback. I took my bankroll and spent a day studying and watching my friend Ian (pro player) and began to put my game back together from day 1. Everyday I played I thought about just putting my resume' back together and job searching.

In January I saw 40k hands and got almost all of the money that I had lost in both the $50 and the $30 games. I was stoked, not only had I gotten the money back quickly but I had gotten it back in the $30 game which I thought would take forever (since obviously $50/100 is much bigger than $30/60). I was and am totally focused.

Yesterday, February 9, 2006 I broke my all time high and the 2 month ride of essentially breakeven play.

I had only won $3,102 but it felt better than my $16k week or my $9k day.

I'm back