The Poker Game of Life

Poker and scotch on the rocks. Below are my reflections on life and poker. My journey from $4-8 as a past time to $30-60 for serious money and my life experiences in between.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

In retrospect

2005 was a pretty good year for me. I quit my job at Microsoft and made more money playing poker. Unfortunately Dec. was a really bad month and I actually had a $37k downslide. At the very end I luckily made a triumphant comeback and now I'm about $15k off my high.

I know I know funny to be happy about losing and off of my high. But you see I was starting to doubt myself and had to spend a significant more time studying. Anyhow everything worked out and now I think 06 can be amazing.

At any rate does anybody still read this? If you do it'd be nice to hear from you sometime. checkraisetrav at gmail dot com.

Good luck