The Poker Game of Life

Poker and scotch on the rocks. Below are my reflections on life and poker. My journey from $4-8 as a past time to $30-60 for serious money and my life experiences in between.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

They're alive

I was chillin' at a cool lounge on Saturday night (not drinking b/c I was recovering from food poisoning). The music was amazing, mostly breakbeats and that cool lounge music which I never know the name of. At any rate I was telling my buddy that I wish I had a CD of similar music so I can zone out when I play cards online.

I told him that I basically just turn up the music and "zone out" and then at the end of the session usually the chips just stack up. Or in this case the virtual chips. When I play hard I focus too much, push too hard and end up burning chips in the process. Strange how when I just sit there and play my game the chips just stack themselves like they're alive.

Poker lessons are going well and I actually am enjoying seeing the players grow. A nice, unanticipated benefit.

Good luck, burn them chips guys.