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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Your commitment to your hand...

Ever notice that some player's are ridiculously in love with their poker hands even when they shouldn't be? Do you also notice that some people are ridiculously in love with their significant others when once again they shouldn't be? Today I was playing too many hours of poker (like always) and the thought came to mind that loving your hand and loving your wife/husband/girl/whatever are highly related.

For example, say player Mike raises with AA and the flop is JT9 all diamond and Mike doesn't have the A of diamond. There's 4 way action and everyone raises like crazy on the flop. Mike should get out the hand obviously but he's in love with AA and stays in there like a fool and wastes his time, money, and life.

It's the same with love. Don't you know plenty of people who are so in love with somebody who treats them badly. Yet they still continue to stay in this bizarro relationship because there was a point in time when everything was great. When they used to hangout all the time, walk around the park, go out to eat. You know that time....before the flop.

There's also those players who are too quick to give up on their hand. Say player Phil has AK and the flop comes JT2, he bets immediately gets raised and there are a few callers making it a big pot. Some players mistakenly give this pot up when they actually have four queens for the nuts and if they're getting 11 to 1 they should absolutely call. Whether or not the A or K are real outs is debatable and not the point of my thought.

At any rate this player is comparable to the guy or gal who gives up on their relationships way too easily. They had something great at the beginning and even though they have a shot at something beautiful they give it up because everything isn't perfect. (By the way if you don't think the stone cold nut hand in poker is one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen you need to stop reading and jump in the game RIGHT NOW!) :) So they break up with the other person when in fact if they were smart and really sat down and thought about it they should give it a shot and try and reconcile.

Gimme that queeeeeen on the turn. (By the way the turn is when I turn 27 in Sept)

Side the biggest pot in awhile today, $1,737 but still lost for the day.