The Poker Game of Life

Poker and scotch on the rocks. Below are my reflections on life and poker. My journey from $4-8 as a past time to $30-60 for serious money and my life experiences in between.

Location: seattle, Washington, United States

Thursday, June 16, 2005

What a rush

Lately I've been playing in a few tournaments each day in both limit and no limit since tournaments are definitely a weaker part of my game. Today I won a limit tourney for the first time (The 2nd one I played in). There were 50 people total and first was worth $1,500 and 2nd worth $1,000. Pretty significant difference in money between first and second.

So it's heads up with about 30k each in chips and 400-800 blinds. Pretty small blinds (chip stacks were about 37x the big bet if I remember correctly) so we got to play heads up for a really really long time. He got me down to 10k in chips and my buddy Ian was watching and says, "Beat this fucker". I just gritted my teeth and played my best poker, caught a few hands and hey I won first!

What a rush. I mean the difference was only $500 but man that felt great. It was way better than winning a thousand dollar hand in $30-60. Ok, ok, not waaaaay better but at least a little better. I think it's something just about winning that makes you feel this crazy rush. Way better than any drug or alcoholic beverage (even scotch). :)