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Thursday, June 02, 2005

A professional laydown

While playing at Party Poker today in the $30-60 I ended up in the same game as a really tough player, my buddy Ian. Ian's tough to the point where I ask him advice on my own game. Anyhow, he made a very impressive laydown today, here it is as well as our thoughts behind the play.

Ian raises from early position w/ QQ
I reraise from late position with KK
Ian caps and it's heads up. I'm pretty sure he's got anywhere from JJ-AA to AK.

Flop: 10, 4, 2 rainbow
The flow is just what both of us hoped for. Whoever had the better hand preflop still probably has the better hand. Although a set of tens is a potential hand.
Ian bets and I smooth call. I smooth call hoping to get more action from his hand on the turn where I intend to raise him. Maybe I can get him to think I'm making a move on him with AK suited or something.

Turn is a 7
He bets and I raise. He smooth calls.

River is a 4.
Ian checks, I bet and he hesitates for a long time and finally mucks his hand. After we chat and discuss the hand. He felt that it was possible for me to make a move w/ a weaker hand than QQ, and that it was possible I had JJ. However he felt that if I had JJ I wouldn't bet the end because he called my turn raise and clearly anyhand that calls a raise on the turn beats JJ. We both know each other to be really tough. He said that it was possible for me to raise the turn and try to get him to fold but then I would check the river. The river is clearly just a value bet. He was dead on with this read. What was interesting about the hand is that if he came back over the top of me on the turn I would have to put him on either a set of 10s, AA or maaaaaybe KK. No other hand really gets played that strongly on the turn.

So he made a great laydown with QQ. What is really funny is that I would've laid down KK if he popped me again. But I will admit that would take some serious nuts.