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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Poker Tournament Rules

In my never ending quest to put together a strong poker site on the web I've added a new page to my poker site. I thought I'd share it here as I'm sure some of you are putting together your home tournaments and it might be useful to print out for reference.

So the new page, Texas Holdem Tournament Rules also has an interesting rule that I actually had to ask my dealer friend about. It is as follows:

Suppose we have players A, B, and C in a Texas Holdem tournament where the blinds are 5-10. Player A opens with a raise to 50 total chips (he matches the 10 chip blind and raises by 40 chips). Player B reraises all in for a total of 70 chips (he calls the bet of 50 chips and raises 20 more). Player C cold calls the 70 chips. Player A can not reraise since Player B did not put in a legal raise. Player B raised by only 20 chips when he needed to match a raise of 40 total chips.

Now let us consider an example of when player A could reraise. Again we have players A, B, and C with the blinds at 5-10. Player A raises to a total of 40 chips (he matches the blind of 10 chips and raises by 30). Player B pushes all in with 70 chips (calls the 40 chip bet by Player A and raises by 30 chips). Player C then cold calls. Player A can reraise as much as he wants because Player B has sent in a legal raise. Player B has matched the original raise amount of 30 chips.