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Friday, May 06, 2005

Jacks - My last date

With my ankle still healing (I took my first step today) it's been a few weeks since I've been out at the bars or on a date. I'd like to think that's the only reason, whether or not that's hehe.

In the hole:
Anyhow, my last date was a pair of Jacks in early position. At the bar after I had a couple of glasses of Glen Livet on the rocks she looked beautiful. It was just like when you look down and see a pair of Jacks in the hole. I promptly got her number and setup dinner at a nice restaurant.

I picked her up and I immediately noticed all the warning signs. Although she was pretty hot she talked about herself all the time. That would be ok but I wasn't hearing anything interesting. Call me obtuse but I think if you're going to talk all the time about yourself you should be pretty damn interesting. Otherwise just be quiet and uninteresting, maybe people won't notice. :) Anyhow, so things started to not look that great. It's just like Jacks in a limit game. You sit there and say well there's 12 overcards to come that will beat me if I just limp in with this hand. I should probably put more money in this pot and maybe I'll get the blinds or limit the competition. So, what did I do...I took her to the expensive restaurant and got us some drinks.

On the Flop:
The flop came low, 9, 8, 2 but with 2 hearts. The conversation picked up slightly and the scotch kicked in as well. There were still some weird signs that I won't go into but in my mind they sounded like overcards hanging in there trying to catch something or a flush/straight draw. Naturally I continued to play my hand but something seemed suspicious.

On the turn:
She said something bad about my friend who was with me when we met. Sheesh. The ace of hearts I said to myself. She bet, I folded and took her home.

"Just throw that shit in the muck"