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Sunday, May 01, 2005

All in or just call

I played in a very small no limit cash game at MJ's sweet house the other day. I was intending to just chill out and socialize but hey if there's a game I usually accept the challenge just for pride.

Ended up leaving w/ 5x the cash buy in when there were like 8 of us playing. I found that amusing, just wish we were playing for a lil more money.

So I had 9, 10 of clubs and the flop comes 8, 7, 3 with the 7 and 3 of clubs. I check, the guy on my left checks and the other guy pushes all in for like 1/3rd the pot. I've got him and the other guy covered no problem and I'm thinking about if I should push all in or just call. I decide on just calling with the hopes of inducing a call.

He folds and after we show our hands my good buddy says he thinks I should've gone all in to isolate. I said, I want the most equity out of my hand with the draw.

I think there's really good points in each of our views. If I push all in i probably get a guy w/ ace king, an ace high flush draw, or overcards to fold. That way if I catch a 9, or a 10 I might be able to win the pot (effectively giving me more outs than the 15 in my straight and flush draws). However, I looked at it more like I've got over 50% ( more on poker probabilities) to win this hand if I hit and I want more people in to get more money.

In retrospect I think I should've pushed all in myself. Thoughts?