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Monday, April 04, 2005

Sunglasses & Poker

Ok, one more post primarilyfor entertainment value and then I'll get back to serious high stake poker strategy thoughts. :)

So, ever notice how everybody wears sunglasses at the poker table nowadays? I, myself am one of these players and became one when I entered the $8-16 and up limits. As with everything I've developed a strategy guide that you can use as a player to put some analysis into the player who wears sunglasses based on the type of glasses. (Note this is entertainment only and not serious).

Before I go to the strictly for amusement section I will note that any player who's wearing clear sunglasses where you can still see their eyes really has no clue about being a poker player. They don't understand that you're wearing the glasses so you can stare at a guy w/o him being bothered or noticing and simultaneously hide what you're looking at in terms of reactions.

On to the fun:

1. Black Gucci sunglasses: A high maintenance player. If he's a guy, he's got some dough. Likely a pretty boy or young overly aggressive player. You got a shot at the waitresses and dealers.

2. Red clear sunglasses: A player without a sense of style. The red indicates a need to be noticed and simultaneously shows that he/she is not cool. Try not to hangout after the game with this person. No shot at even making friends.

3. Blue clear sunglasses: Same thing as red. I will give light blue sunglasses a break...they're not that bad.

4. Clear sunglasses: A stylish player who cares about image but not much about concealing their hand. Not much shot at picking up the dealers since they know you can't play unless they're new and can't play themselves. Excellent chance of picking up on the waitresses.

5. big Aviators: Cool and functional for cards. Enough said. Good for both groups of girls.

6. Dolce & Gabana: These glasses rock. :) Good for both.

7. Basic plastic black glasses: Definitely functional and all you really need for the game. Not necessarily helping you pick up on the girls though.