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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Poker, Tiger Woods, & the Masters

Anybody see the master's golf tourney today? It was absolutely amazing. Tiger Woods had a 1 stroke lead and the other guy was gaining on him then suddenly Tiger hit an amazing unbelievable shot to go up 2 shots with only 2 holes to go. Then, Tiger blew it. He bogeyed the next 2 holes and allowed his competition to tie him for a deciding playoff round.

Has the equivalent ever happened to you while playing cards? It happens to me on an occassional basis. I make a great move, whether that's an extra raise without the nuts because I know my hand is strong enough or that great lay down with a decent hand. Next thing you know I get my adrenaline rushing and I'm in there sending in too many bets losing a few pots. All of a sudden, the greatness of the play I originally played has been negated by that adrenaline rush and I'm back where I started or even worse, behind.

Naturally, this needs to be removed from my or anyone's game for maximum success. I just was thinking about how beautiful it was that even though he fell behind for a minute, Tiger still pulled out the win with 3 consecutive beautiful shots. This is the attitude I believe is necessary for a poker player to really reach that next level.

Super intense competitiveness, the drive to never give up, and the will to push yourself to greatness. OK, just a few thoughts on a great golf tournament.