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Monday, April 11, 2005

Poker draws - Free ride

Yesterday I split a pot with a player and feel great about it.

Amazing right? Splitting a pot is the equivalent of kissing an unattractive girl, it's just ok at best. So, why did I feel great about the hand? I was really happy about the way I played it.

I raised preflop with Ace, nine of hearts intending to steal the blinds in $15-30. They both called and the flop was, 8, 10, jack with 2 hearts. This gave me the open ended straight draw plus the nut flush draw for a total of 15 outs.

As an aside, people often calculate this incorrectly. They think they've got 9 flush draw outs plus the 8 cards for their open ended straight. They fail to recognize that 2 of their 9 flush outs are also used for their straight. Effectively, they're double counting their flush and straight cards outs. The real outs are 15, 9 give the nuts and 6 likely give a tie. But I digress, back to the story.

Both blinds check to me, I bet, the small blind calls, and the big blind raises, I reraise (I'm 50% to win this pot even though I have nothing right now) the small blind calls and the big blind calls.

The turn is a queen giving me the straight. The only hand that can beat me now is King, 9 which I have a hard time putting either of these guys on since they're not that bad. Both players check to me, I bet, the small blind raises and I reraise. He calls. The river is a 2 and it's checked to me and I bet and am called. We both split the pot with Ace, 9.

I was happy with the free flush draw ride I got with the straight. There's no way he can beat me in this hand on turn and I can only improve. In retrospect I think I could've checked the end since it's pretty obvious we had the same hand. I like the 3 bets on the flop because I think it helped me get paid off in future hands. It's funny to me how if you show a little aggression players start paying you off with all sorts of funny hands (mid pair, ace high).