The Poker Game of Life

Poker and scotch on the rocks. Below are my reflections on life and poker. My journey from $4-8 as a past time to $30-60 for serious money and my life experiences in between.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Easy laydown

Ever lose a pot and still feel good about it?

Yesterday I lost a pretty big pot in $15-30 and still felt pretty good about the way I played. I was in the 6 handed $15-30 game on partypoker and a guy in seat 3 came in with a raise. I cold call with pocket Kings and so does the man behind me.

The flop is Q, 10, 4 rainbow:
Seat 3 bets
I call
Seat 5 raises
Seat 3 calls
I reraise
Seat 5 calls

Turn is a 7:
Seat 3 checks,
I bet
Seat 5 raises
we both call

River is a queen:
Seat 3 bets,
I fold
Seat 5 raises,
Seat 3 calls
Seat 5 wins with Ace/Queen

Even though I lost this hand I feel really good about my laydown on the river, even though the pot was big. I was pretty sure seat 5 didn't have me beat as he's pretty aggressive and would almost surely reraise with pocket tens of pocket queens. He's not so bad as to show queen ten.

Seat 3 was a weak loose cannon type of player. He ended up having queen, jack but I actually gave him credit for Ace queen or King queen. What an awful call on the turn on his part right?

At any rate I lose a big pot...$20 preflop, $30 flop, $40 turn so I lost $90. If that queen hadn't of come (or an ace) I make a bet on the end and win the pot for $330.

That's life I suppose. Back to the daily grind. Any thoughts? Differing opinions.