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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Caught a break

I finally caught a few breaks. My ankle isn't broken and instead I've got torn tissue damage. One week after I quit my job and lose my health insurance but at least it wasn't broken. Still got xrays so I'll need an extra check raise somewhere.

Also, I've been playing at Full Tilt for the sign up bonus which is pretty nice. They match dollar for dollar up to a max of $600. That's pretty huge, so after a few days of work there I'll have a nice little bonus.

They don't really have a ton of poker games going on there but they've got enough to make me happy with an extra $600 bonus. Whoop!

Ok, enough sounding like a stupid commercial.

Thank you to the player/bloggers who linked up to my new Texas Holdem Online strategy site which I've been working non stop on I'm still trying to spread the word so any help would be very cool. Also, any feedback (negative or positive) would be nice as well.

So here's the biggest break in a poker hand that I caught today. I'm playing in the 6-handed $8-16 game and I've got Ace-8 of spades one away from the button. I send in a raise, and the big blind calls me.

The flop: 9, 10, 2 with 1 spade:
The big blind checks and I check. Normally I bet here trying to pick up the pot but I've been doing that play all day so far. The players are starting to get a Good read on me and I want to mix it up.

The turn: 4 of spades:
Not a bad card for me giving me the nut flush draw. Unfortunately the villain bets and I decided to play this particular hand aggressive and I raise. I think this looks like top set of 10s since I've been pretty much betting every flop before this. I'm not very happy since he calls.

I miss the river, he checks, I check and I....I win. Can you believe that? Since it's on full tilt I can't see what he has but I think he must have had Jack/queen and decided to bet his open ended straight draw. Nice little break there right?