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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Women are like Ace something

I was thinkin' about the similarities between women and starting in Texas holdem with Ace something. Now this is all in good fun and I hope I don't offend anyone. I watch Sex in the city, haha, so if you're a 2005 gal you can just substitute what I say with "men" and then it's all gravy. In fact I'm going to talk with some of girls I know and i'll write somethin similar for guys. But, I digress, let me get to my thoughts:

Women are like Ace something. Women are all very different, but almost all of them have something interesting to them, that's where the Ace comes in. Ace high can be pretty valuable depending on the situation and is always worth a thought.

The different types of women are like the kickers that you get with your Ace. Ace/King suited is like a gorgeous girl in a dead sexy outfit, you'll take her in early poker position and your approach to her and the hand may differ. You've got a few different ways she can be good. You're always happen to see your Ace/King suited chick. Ace/King offsuit is similar except not quite as sexy.

Ace/Queen and Ace/Jack are like decent girls. Guys that aren't that picky like them anywhere, even in early poker position. I equate poker position to how often they're dating. Early position equals dating a lot and late position is like not being popular with the girls at all. So guys that are dating a lot, if they're not that picky like these girls no matter what. However, the better players, the picky ones, don't play these hands in the early position because they don't want to lower their standards.

Middle position. Middle position is similar to if you're dating but really not that often. If you're one of these guys, you're in love with Ace/King as soon as you see her and if you get a chance to hangout with Ace/Queen or Ace/Jack you're stoked. Raise, raise raise (the poker pot guys sheesh). In fact, if you're not that good of a player you're going to start hanging out with Ace rag and below. Ace rag girls are not really good but bad players mess with them even when they're dating.

Late position. Late position is like when it's getting late at a club and you're desperate. Even the best players know that they should play Ace/Queen and Ace/Jack aggressively to try and get some value out of them. They also consider playing Ace rag to steal the blinds.

In the blind: In the blind is like when you're really doing something else and a girl just runs into you out of nowhere. Almost falls into your lap. It's like a bonus. If you look down and see Ace/Jack or higher you're like "oh that's pretty cool, I just met this girl at the optometrist office, let's see where it goes". Where it goes depends on the flop. You might flop something you like or simply fold the hand quickly (she might dump you or vice versa). If you happen to run into Ace/Rag in the blind you're like "well i guess that's ok, no big deal".

Ok, that's it. And who says poker is detrimental to dating? =)