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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Scotch & Hustlin'

"I'm a hustla homie, you'se a customer cronie" - Jay-Z

Most of my posts seem to be about really hardcore poker strategy so today I thought I'd post a hopefully amusing story about pull tabs and the old school.

Had some excellent dim sum with my Dad today. I was a little hungover as I usually am on Saturdays, a little too much Glen Livet and not enough ice. Seems to happen on Fridays a lot. It's like the bartenders say oh shit there's Trav get out the scotch that you froze into ice cubes so we can get him extra drunk again. :) Anyhow on the way home I was talking with him about gambling and I randomly had a weird thought that I brought up.

"Hey Dad, do you think you could beat pull tabs if you waited till the tub got close to empty and picked the ones where the jackpots hadn't beat hit? Effectively letting somebody else dump their money into the machine and winning off their bad luck?" - I asked

"Trav, I used to do that all the time." - Dad said

So, old school pull tabs didn't come in the bins they come in now. They had straight stacks and you could see relatively close how many were left. He said he used to go into the casino before playing, buy out the pull tab box that he could beat. This is where I think the story gets funny and really sheds a little insight into how my Dad thinks.

"So then you'd go thru all the tabs and come out on top?" - I asked

"Hell nah. I'd pay somebody to do that and then I'd go do something else. Make $100-200 (this was not a bad little hit back in the old school days) off the box, tip the guy $20 to rip thru the tabs and pocket the sugar. I got better things to do then run thru a shitload of pull tabs." - He replied.

Turns out it'd be tougher to beat pull tabs today. Statistically speaking, pull tabs have one of the highest hold rates in casino games (30-40% hold rate) and they pull the machines now before they get too juicy. Understanding when to pull the tabs is more precise now too, since they can weight them with precise measurements down to 1-2 individual pull tab pieces.

So, if you can beat all that today...good for you. haha....let me know if this works for any of you hustlers out there. I'll stick to my poker game.