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Friday, March 18, 2005

Poker Tracking and Excel

I've been getting a few emails and posts about my excel sheet which I promise to have up on this site by the end of next week. By nature I am not much of a technical guy, more mathematical and while the 2 are related I'd just as soon compute pot odds on a thousand dollar decision instead of trying to figure out how to post an excel file up here. I'll get a buddy to help.

First off I should say thanks to MJ for sending over some traffic. Being primarily a hardcore poker player I'm new to the online community. (That was some good chinese we ate the other day buddy) .

I'm glad so far everyone is liking the site, i'm planning on updating everyday (it's going to be like a nice meditation break from my play). I don't know about you guys but playing for multiple hours online is much more taxing than normal play.

Regarding poker tracker and why I don't use that only for tracking my results. I actually created my own spreadsheet for tracking (not from 2x2) which I use in combination with Poker Tracker. Poker Tracker is great, I especially like the preflop raise percentages and the detailed statistical analysis. However, if there is a disconnection in my internet then I can't download anymore of my hand histories from a particular game until I leave. Sometimes I'm really into a groove and don't want to leave. If I choose to stay then I lose my results in pokertracker from that disconnection point on.

Also, I still play in casino games and if poker tracker can include my wins/losses there then I must admit I don't know all the functionality. Finally while poker tracker can keep my wins/losses in order it doesn't really have my win rate per hour. This is what I really need to look at. How much am I winning per hour? Is it enough to the point where I can justify to myself that I'm quitting my job at Microsoft? Since I'm gone on April 8th...the answer so far is yes.