The Poker Game of Life

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Poker Strategy with Dad

I had an interesting talk with Dad the other day. Over dinner a lot of families have talks about how work is going and my dinner table is no different. The only difference being the fact that my work talks are primarily related to different perspectives on the poker game.

So yesterday my Dad encouraged me to try mixing a few things up hold 'em and see how that works for me. Now, don't worry, I have a good deal of mix up in my game. In fact I believe being tricky is key to success. He was simply illustrating a point. To illustrate this point he used a few examples in his own career which I thought would be interesting to share here.

He tried a few things with different types of hands to see how they affected his pockets. Pops used to play 12 - 14 hours a day, everyday. He'd open and close the game. For one month he didn't play any pocket pair under 8's. He also took a different month off from playing any suited connectors besides the really big ones. I think the word "discipline" comes up short when referring to how this must have been. He found this hurt him financially and went back to playing both types.

The point he was making was do what you need to for analysis and to grow as a player. You need to really analyze your game's strengths and weaknesses and do what is necesary for improvement. I see some players make the same mistakes over and over and go broke. Nothing wrong with making mistakes but not learning from them is the real tragedy.