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Poker and scotch on the rocks. Below are my reflections on life and poker. My journey from $4-8 as a past time to $30-60 for serious money and my life experiences in between.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Party Poker - $30-60 First Time

What a great weekend. I went in to get my eyes checked on Friday and left with a free pair of D&G sunglasses and a new girl's phone number. It gets better though...last night I finally stepped it up to the $30-6o partypoker game.

I'm the first to admit I'm cocky. There is a thin line between confident and arrogance and I tend to reside on the arrogant side of the city with occasional trips to confident. My homegirl once said I have an understated arrogance about me. =) whatever that means. confidence was immediately shaken stepping into this game. I was nervous already seeing as the biggest game I'd played in up to this point was the $20-40 at the Mirage.

My First Hand in $30-60:
So I come in after the dealer and post. I'm a big fan of coming in after the button rather than posting in the blind but I'll leave my opinions on that for another post. There's a raise in 4th position, a cold call in 7th and I look down at Ace/2 suited. Having already posted the blind, I think I'm getting appropriate pot odds to call and perhaps catch a funny flop or a flush draw (assuming the blinds call). Naturally they don't and we head to the flop with 3 way action and I'm holding a rag hand.

The Flop: A, 2, 5 with 2 hearts and 1 diamond.
Beautiful. 4th position bets, 7th cold calls, I hesitate for the appropriate amount of time and raise. 4th position immediately folds and 7th cold calls.

The Turn: King of diamonds. Now I've got 2 pair and the nut diamond draw
Although I didn't like the King, I like the diamond. It's checked to me. Now, if that king wasn't a diamond I would've checked here but seeing as I also have the nut flush draw I bet. 7th position check raises me and now things are getting tricky. Naturally I put this guy on Ace/King since he cold called a raise and didn't 3 bet. I contemplate a call which in retrospect was what I should've done. Instead I reraise hoping to slow him in his tracks and with the intention of checking the river unless I catch a 2 or a diamond. He caps the turn and now I'm sad. haha. I call.

The River: 8 of clubs.
He bets and I call. He turns over pocket kings (caught a set on the turn) and after my first hand in $30-60 I'm down $420 out of my own chips.

It was really irrelevant that he got lucky and caught his king on the turn. In reality the hand that I put him on was all he needed to beat me. We're playing $30-60 here and there are very few players in this game that would call a preflop raise cold and be able to cap the turn against me except for pocket aces, ace/king, or pocket kings. He could've easily had one of these hands and he did. I think since he was an unknown player that I could be a little disappointed in myself if I just called the turn when he check raised and called the end. I mean perhaps he was weak enough of a player to have Ace/Queen (which is like ace rag to me) or Ace/Jack (even better he's going on my buddy list if he's got this). My diamond draw and my aggressive attitude got me a little bit in this hand. An extra $120-180 depending on how you look at it.

Well what happened next?
What a nice welcome right? It's like welcome to the table you pigeon. We're here to show you what the game is really about and push you back to $15-30 again. Either that or wipe out a few thousand and set you back a month.

Nope, of course your boy didn't get out the game. In fact the very next hand I played was under the gun with Aces and I got those cracked for $300.

And...I still came up $753 at the end of my session. Happy ending right?! I'll post the rest tomorrow.