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Poker and scotch on the rocks. Below are my reflections on life and poker. My journey from $4-8 as a past time to $30-60 for serious money and my life experiences in between.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Party Poker $30-60 - 2nd Hand - First Session

In my last post I got stuck in my very first hand in $30-60. Now losing $420 in one hand can be quite discouraging but after going thru countless hand iterations where you win or lose I really have become somewhat numb to the whole ordeal. It's just another hand. Learn and move on. I will say that losing can be quite annoying which is why I try and leave it to the losers. ;)

So a few hands later I'm under the gun (UTG) with pocket Aces. I decide to limp in, disguise the hand and hopefully get some action (hopefully 3-4 way and no more!). 2 other players limp in and the blinds are both in.

Flop: Queen, 9, 4 - with 2 diamonds
Awesome. I feel great about this flop. Most players won't have 2 pair, if somebody flopped a set then hey I'm beat but that's just life. It's also highly unlikely. If someone had queens I would expect them to raise (although I wouldn't put it past players at this level to be very tricky), perhaps 9's and I doubt 4's (I doubt many players are playing pocket 4's here. You never know but just in general).

The big blind bets and I just smooth call. Everyone else folds.

The turn: 2 of clubs:
Here's where I plan to make my raise when this player bets his queen.

He bets and I raise. To my surprise he reraises me.

I'm a little surprised at the reraise. If he 2 pair or a set in the blind, wouldn't he have tried to check raise? Would he really 3-bet a flush draw? Would he 3-bet Ace/Queen or King/Queen? Neither of these seem likely. However, the 3-bet with Ace/Queen seems most likely so I call.

The River: 8 of diamonds:
A diamond! The worst card in the deck for me. He bets and I make a crying call since the pot is so big.

He turns over 5, 3 of diamonds. He bet his diamond draw and on the turn got really aggressive with an open ended straight and the diamond flush out. He had a 15 card out, but I had the other 31.

I don't feel bad about how I played the hand at all. The pot got so large at the end I felt like I had to call. If I had a better read on him I might've been able to laydown but this is online poker and it's pretty tough to read that facial expression. :)

So now I've played 2 hands in the biggest limit I've ever played and I'm stuck $720. I proceed to lose even more and get stuck $1,000. Then I make a huge comeback and end up beating the game for $1,800 after putting in a total of 4 hours. Funny, I only remember a couple of hands I won. It seems that I only remember the hands I lose.

My first $30-60 session was a success. Obviously I'm not ready to say I beat that limit everyday but it's a step in the right direction.