The Poker Game of Life

Poker and scotch on the rocks. Below are my reflections on life and poker. My journey from $4-8 as a past time to $30-60 for serious money and my life experiences in between.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Old School

I was watching Tilt yesterday (which by the way I think is an excellent TV show) and I love when the Matador said, "When I first started playing cards you had to be as tough outside of the cardroom as you were in the game. All these young players with degrees at home playing online poker wouldn't have lasted a day back then." That's so old school and from what I hear (I wasn't around to actually experience it) that's exactly how it was.

I feel like a really big mix of old and new school. 9 months ago I was a complete old school player. When I think of old school style I think of the type of player who would check the nuts into you and let you make the mistake of betting. Eventually punishing you on the end with a check raise. The downfall of this strategy is that it puts you in the position of needing to catch a hand.

Nowadays I'm definitely in the new breed of players. Constantly pushing. It seems like new school is to push hard on the pots and let your opponent decide whether or not to call. The downfall of this strategy is that if you're over aggressive you're going to lose a lot of chips.

So what's better? What's the optimal strategy? I think you have to mix it up. Aggression is the key but it must be tempered with reading and an ability to trick your opponents. But I digress, I don't want to get into all of that now I just wanted to put a few thoughts down on the different schools of thought.